We typically take pre-order for organic free-range chickens but are taking a break from raising chickens to focus on our market garden. Check back in 2019 to see if we will be offering chicken again. Thank you!


The Product: Not only are our chickens raised using organic methods with a certified organic feed diet, but our farm works closely with veterinarians to ensure best practices in animal health and welfare. We work towards reducing the stress of our organic chickens throughout their lives. Our birds are kept comfortable in a spacious and quiet chicken barn with daily access to an outdoor area with shade. Choosing our organic chickens means taking an active role in the responsibility of the welfare of the foods that you eat. The chickens are processed at a federally inspected abattoir.

Pricing: $5.50/lb

Sizes: 6-8lbs

Pick up #1: TBD Late July
Pick up #2:
 TBD Late September

Pick up Location: You must attend our farm in Pembroke to pick up your chickens. Due to regulations, we are unable to make any deliveries and must market our chickens directly from our “farm gate”.


How to order:
A link to an online order form will be made available.

Pick up details:
As soon as we know the pick up date, we will notify you. We will also send out an e-mail reminder a couple days before the pick up date. Please bring a cold cooler or bins with ice packs to ensure that you are transporting your chickens cold. Chickens will be weighed and your total calculated at the time of pick up. Payment can be made in the form of cash or cheque. Please do not come early as we will only be ready to facilitate pick ups starting AFTER 6:30pm.


Please note: We are unable to store any chickens due to space limitations and risk (i.e. power outages). It is very important to us that if you pre-order chickens, you will come to pick them up. If you need to cancel your order, please do so with several weeks notice so we have a chance to sell them to another customer. Thank you in advance for your attention to this.