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~~~ CSA 2017 ~~~

We may have a couple spaces left available, so please contact us at if you wish to join us!

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What is Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)?

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a relationship between local farms and consumers, which creates and supports a model for distributing locally grown food.

  • CSA customers (you) pay a fee prior to the start of the growing season. This helps the farmer buy seeds, soils, etc.
  • In return, you receive a weekly basket, for 16 weeks, of assorted freshly picked seasonal vegetables, herbs, and some fruits.
  • The consumer and farmer build a supporting relationship sharing the costs and bounty and naturally the risks due to factors beyond the control of the farmer.

Why Join Hedgeview Farm’s CSA?

We are becoming increasingly distant from food production and with increasing concerns and issues of health and environment, there has never been a better time to look to your local farmer to help overcome these challenges.

  • Our baskets give you the opportunity to enjoy an incredible assortment of fresh food grown right here in the Ottawa Valley.
  • We offer an impressive assortment of different varieties of veggies suited for our local climate, which you won’t find in the grocery stores.
  • You directly support local young farmers who are the future of our agricultural community and food supply!
  • You are making an environmentally responsible choice supporting organically and sustainably grown food.
  • The veggies are freshly picked and have the greatest freshness, nutrition, and flavour!

What’s in your basket?

We are growing over 100 varieties of vegetables, fruit, and herbs including heirloom and heritage varieties.

The Regular sized baskets each contain 6-8 items, while the Large sized baskets contain 8-10 items. We try to include many staples such as potatoes, carrots, lettuce mix and onions, but also include some exciting items such as fennel, kohlrabi, and Japanese turnips.

New members will receive Hedgeview Farm’s CSA Guide, which contains recipes, tips, and information to help members make the most of the CSA experience. We will continue sending out a weekly newsletter with updates from the garden and some additional ideas on how to use up the veggies.

You can see what we have put in past baskets by browsing the weekly posts in our blog on the “Home” tab.

Picking up your vegetables

  • Pick up is at the farm and you need to bring your own bin.
  • Pick up is every Wednesday from 5pm – 6pm.
    If you miss the 5pm – 6pm pick up, a basket will be set aside for you but must be picked up Wednesday.
  • First pick up date for 2016: June 21st
  • If you are on vacation or are unable to make the pick up time, please arrange to have a friend or relative come for you.

Choose the right share size for you:

This year we are offering a new LARGE size CSA basket, available on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. The REGULAR sized CSA baskets will be similar to what members are used to from the 2014 and 2015 seasons. The new LARGE size will contain all the items that are in the REGULAR size but we will aim to offer double of popular items like salad greens, carrots and potatoes to better accommodate the needs of members with children to cook for, members who share CSA baskets, or simply for those who want more garden goodness! Take a look at the table below to help you decide what is your best fit. If you wish to discuss what matches your needs, send us an e-mail.

6-8 items each basket

$220     Suitable for:

Single member households;
Those who may not cook all the time;
Those who have a home garden
and wish to supplement;
Those who wish to trial CSA.
$440     Suitable for:
Couples with small children;
Those who may not cook all the time but want veggies each week. 
8-10 items each basket
      $290     Suitable for:
Couples with children;
Those who want more than a regular size but want to come only every second week;
Those who split a CSA share.
$580     Suitable for:
Couples who cook nearly every day;
Families with children eating regular homemade meals;
Those who want extra to freeze/preserve;
Those who like to cook for guests. 

Share Prices

Prices are 10-15% less than you will find at our market stand.
The share price is for a 16 week garden subscription.

LARGE WEEKLY SHARE ……………….. $580


Please complete the online form by clicking the link below. Then, please deliver 2 cheques to the farm: one with your 50% deposit and the second for the remainder post-dated for May 1st. Cheques are payable to Brenna Jansen.
We also accept e-transfers, but if you choose split payments, please mark on you calendar to transfer the remainder come May 1st.


Good things are found at the end of the rainbow.