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Hi everyone! We are in the process of planning and organising our Veggie CSA for the coming summer.

If you are interested in joining our veggie loving community and would like to sign up for a CSA share (weekly or bi-weekly mixed basket of seasonal fresh produce), send us an e-mail so we will have you on our contact list.

Watch for updates on 2016 dates and pricing on our CSA Veggie Baskets tab at the top. In the meantime, you can browse the blog to get a good feel for what we offer in our CSA season.

We will be adding new spaces to our program in 2016, and we look forward to expanding our fabulous CSA family!

Happy New Year!
Brenna and the gang

Are you interested in eating fresh, local, organic, garden grown veggies all summer long?

Maybe you don’t have time to have your own garden or maybe you are looking for something to fill in between what you already grow. Maybe you miss the garden your mother or grandmother had when you were young. Maybe you are wondering, “where does my food come from anyway?”. Remember when veggies had dirt on them?

If any of the above appeals to you, you should really consider joining our Community Supported Agriculture program, where you will receive a weekly or bi-weekly basket of seasonal, freshly picked, organic garden veggies for 16 weeks.


Well it is March, which means that our Community Supported Agriculture Program is now accepting new CSA members. In response to demand, this year we have expanded our CSA to take on even more members than ever before.

Check out the tab at the top of this page,  “CSA Veggie Baskets 2015” for full details – dates, pricing, and what you can expect.


NEW: Pastured Heritage Pork CSA – a 16 week subscription of local pork.

The delay to the season hasn’t been all bad – it has given us some extra time to work on our new farm shop!  In the shop we plan to carry more local products from farmers/producers with philosophies and practises that align with ours.

We are starting with pastured heritage pork and our farm’s own free-range eggs, but are in the process of arranging to carry more products or offer monthly orders that can be picked up on Wednesday nights (with the regular Veggie CSA pick up).

The aim of the Pork CSA is to make it convenient to incorporate this local product into your regular groceries each week through Community Supported Agriculture. This is yet another great way to be an active member in your farming community. Read more below. E-mail to begin your order.

Pastured Heritage Pork
from Pork of Yore, Douglas

The Product: We are bringing in lean, practical cuts of succulent pastured pork from Pork of Yore, where Tamworth/Berkshire pigs are raised outdoors. The pigs are grass-fed and free-range with liberty to root or lay around soaking up the sun’s rays. The pigs are raised in excellent humane conditions with no teeth clipping or tail cutting. Along with hay, the pigs are fed Pork of Yore’s own mix of wheat, barley, corn, and soy supplements, free of any artificial growth stimulants, animal by-products, or chemical additives. This is a healthy, safe, and absolutely delicious pork and we’re offering convenient cuts and packages. One taste and you will know why pastured heritage pork is becoming more and more sought after.

Schnitzel cut

Butterfly Chop

The Program: 

  • TWO 1lb packages of Pork of Yore cuts bi-weekly (16lbs total)
  • Pick up Wednesdays from 5pm – 6pm, from June 26th – October 9th

You will receive the following cuts in rotation

2lbs stewing pork chunks
2lbs shish-kebab chunks
3lbs minced pork
1lb Pork of Yore’s famous bacon
4lbs butterfly chops
2lbs schnitzel
2lbs ready to eat ham (can be served cold)

This works out to four 115g servings of pork per week, or one 4-person meal with pork each week (note: you receive your 2lb share bi-weekly). Cuts will be selected to compliment what veggies are in season and will help make summertime cooking convenient.

$190 for the season (16-weeks, with bi-weekly pick up)
** SAVING 25% off of Pork of Yore’s market prices **

(This translates to $12 per meal, or $3 per serving of prime heritage pastured pork like nothing you have tasted before.)

50% deposit ($95) required to reserve your share.
Remainder is due June 1st.

E-mail us at to begin your order!

Payments in the form of cash, cheque (made out to Brenna Jansen), or e-transfer (to

After a couple beautiful spring days I am finally feel compelled to write about what has been going on at the farm over the past few weeks. The forecast looks half decent and although the garden is still very much under snow, the plus degrees in the coming days look promising.

It's hard to believe that this scene will be lush with food in 3 months time.

It’s hard to believe that this scene will be lush with food in 3 months time.

We had started a little onion, leek and herb grow-op in the big farm house back in February. It was our taste of spring and something we were grasping to for a long time but now it’s looking like these cold hardy seedlings will be ready to move outside into our unheated seedling house to continue growing. We need to make some space indoors to start some more crops – kales, beets, kohlrabi…




The CSA is sold out for the third year in a row and I am excited to see yet again, so many returning members and I’m also looking forward to introducing several new members to the wonderful world of Community Supported Agriculture. In addition to our on farm CSA, we are offering Market Shares for pick up at the Carp Farmers’ Market. These are similar to, and in place of CSA shares. This is the CSA available to our customers in the Ottawa area.

Crop planning is fairly set now for the season although as always I expect to still make many decisions on the fly. Each year I try to collect as much information as possible to help my decision making for the coming season (i.e. When did flea beetles first appear on my arugula? How many pickings of beans did a certain variety get?) but there’s only so much info I have the time an energy to record when the high season hits. Each year however, I have a little more to go on and I am developing a real seasonal routine based on my observations.

Crop planning - compiling recorded info - choosing seeds... while entertaining Svea.

The scene of crop planning – compiling recorded info, choosing seeds, setting planting dates, … while keeping Svea entertained.

Mathias and I have been busy in the last week as we spontaneously decided to go ahead with one of our many to-do projects: renovate the milkhouse into a finished space/room/shop. For anyone who enjoys picking up chickens in the dark and rain, you will be thoroughly disappointed to know that we will be doing all future chicken pickups indoors… with lights!


Framing up…


New insulation in…

More updates to come….

It’s been a while since the last post, but that’s because we’ve been out in the field prepping beds and transplanting!

6 varieties of lettuce are transplanted

6 varieties of lettuce are transplanted



Bok Choy on its way.

Bok Choy on its way.

Thousands of onions, scallions, and leeks too.

Thousands of onions, scallions, and leeks too.




Our asparagus was pretty neglected last year in the drought and the scotch grass and weeds most definitely got away from us. Take this as a “before” photo because it will be undergoing a big transformation tomorrow on Mother’s Day. The amazing thing though is that the asparagus is growing like crazy! We planted it from seed 2 seasons ago, so it should be ready for harvesting next season. This season, we will only get a few tasters, so that it can continue growing for next year.


BEFORE photo of our very wild asparagus patch.

BEFORE photo of our very wild asparagus patch.

HUNDREDS of asparagus coming up!

HUNDREDS of asparagus coming up!


Dad has been out ploughing fields – prepping them to be re-seeded with hay and a nurse crop of oats.


We have started eating SO well again – fresh picked fiddleheads from the bush, heritage pasture pork from Pork of Yore and mashed potatoes.



Stay tuned as the season progresses! Cheers!

It is only January 4th, but I have already had several requests from new members to sign up for our 2013 Community Supported Agriculture program and so we’re now open for registration!

Information and 2013 pricing can be found under the tab “CSA Veggie Baskets 2013 at the top of the page”.

We have collected feedback from 2012 and interestingly, almost all vegetables appeared on both the favourite and least favourite list! Where does this leave me? Probably working harder to help everyone find new ways to prepare certain veggies. Even kale appeared on both lists, and so for those who put it as their least favourite, I have ordered “The Book of Kale”and intend to find ways to make you love it!!

book of kale

From a farmer’s perspective, I am in desperate need to become more efficient. We are currently working on developing an irrigation system, which after a drought year has become high on the priority list. We have also decided to move a section of the garden to a new field to help combat weeds. Our 2012 garden will be seeded for hay production for the next few years. I have also been looking up new seed varieties to try in 2013 – replacing some varieties from 2012 that were less favourable.

The majority of seeds I grow come from West Coast Seeds in BC.

The majority of seeds I grow come from West Coast Seeds in BC. So many to choose from!

Back to work now! If you have any questions, would like a brochure, or are ready to sign up, e-mail us at our new address:


Hello all you organic eating locovores! Welcome to Hedgeview Farm Organic’s first blog.

This will be thee spot to stay up to date with the going ons around the farm. You can expect a weekly update including what is ready to eat each week as well as the trials and tribulations that go along with organic farming.

I will include some photos of the week’s happenings as well as recipes to inspire our CSA members’ weekly menu!

Questions and comments are more than welcome. You can also reach me at or call me at 613-638-1745.