Update from the garden
Super fun week in the garden. It was a total hustle getting all our cover crops and fall plantings in before the rain but it has paid off. In the photos you can see the tiny seeds of radish, etc. coming up. I also finished ploughing the new garlic plot and thanks to Keanan and Reuben Stone at Valley Bio in Cobden, I was able to get some last minute oats and peas to finish cover cropping the area just hours before the rain arrived…. and happily it is all coming up! I love it. Again, I am planting peas and oats before planting garlic, etc. to help add organic matter and nutrients. Peas are nitrogen fixing (they can take nitrogen from the air) and so when we plough it down in a few weeks and turn it into the soil, it will release nitrogen for our crops to consume. Free fertilizer all around us!



Just 6 days later.

We got in the last of our onions today too so they are drying both in the greenhouse and the hay mow. Not very big this season, that’s for sure, but delicious nonetheless.


Babies on their way.

This week I also fully realized how weird the eggplants are this season. It seems that the huge beautiful plants dropped their flowers at some point, likely during the drought months, and so there are pretty much no eggplants. Perhaps that’s great news to some CSA members, but I for one am totally disappointed! It looks like more flowers did develop at some point and there are a few small plants coming along but it’s a little sad for sure.

Finally, would you like some hot peppers? I can offer them in your CSA share but I would prefer a direct request before I harvest them. I have some red chillies,  “Santa Fe” peppers and also some Habaneros (peppers are mentioned in order from mildest to hottest). If you are interested, shoot me a message please.


Former garlic beds…

This week’s tip: try something different
If you are getting tired of the same old dish you make with a veg don’t be shy to try something new. For example, one CSA member was talking about how you can prepare a fake apple sauce using stewed zucchini. Another mentioned… deep fried kale! Roasting is a great prep method for most things if you are bored with steaming and pan frying. Ask around – someone may have some interesting ideas!

This week’s share
1 Zucchini
2 Pattypan Squashes
1 box Tomatoes
4 Cucumbers
1 Melon
Carrots OR Beets
1 Choice Item (Cabbage, Peppers, Kale)
1 box Beans
Large ONLY: 1 head Romaine, 1 extra box Beans, 2 extra Cucumbers

Fish Cakes  (the kids approved)
While fish cakes may not really use many CSA ingredients, I made these last night with a side of green beans and had the leftovers tonight with pan fried pattypan squashes and it was just sooo good. I also know many of you have your own herb gardens and fish cakes are pals with dill, parsley and tarragon. This recipe of course came from one of our fabulous Scandinavian cookbooks. Try and enjoy!

600g white fish filets
2 spring onions, chopped
2 eggs
100ml 18% cream
2 Tbsp finely chopped tarragon
3 Tbsp finely chopped parsley
juice from 1/2 lemon
2 Tbsp. potato flour (I used wheat flour)

Use 30g butter and veg oil for frying.

Chop the fish filets finely with a sharp knife. Put in a mixing bowl with spring onions, eggs, cream, herbs and lemon juice. Fold together gently. Add the flour, 2 tsp. salt (*I found the result a little salty) and 1 tsp. pepper and fold again. You may need to add more flour to get the right consistency.

To fry, heat the butter and oil in a fry pan and shape the mixture into 12 small balls using a spoon and your hands (mine was too runny so I just plopped them in the pan). Gently cook the fishcakes for 4 minutes on each side.