Update from the Garden
The seasons are slowly switching over in the garden. As August marches on, this past week we were busy flipping beds. This means we were pulling out the pea trellis, pulling old cabbage plants, pulling lettuces that have went to seed etc. and doing some cultivating and cover cropping to restore nutrients and build organic matter. We have been planting hundreds of transplants including lettuces, bok choy and kohlrabi. We also direct seeded some arugula, radishes, and some fancy spicy red mustards for the fall. All of these crops love the cooler weather and will hold us over until the end of October. We are also finally turning in a new plot to incorporate into our rotations. We will cover crop it and then aim to plant garlic in the fall. We would have liked to have had this cover cropped since June but it was just too dry. The field is currently in hay production and free of weeds, so we’re hoping it will work out nicely… if we get the cover crop seeds in before this week’s rain!


Ploughing a new plot… cover cropping with an oat/pea mixture.

Many of our squash plants have relaxed slightly and are revealing loads of gorgeous squash beneath. We did a bit of research for our pie pumpkins and have sought out a market gardener’s favourite (and best tasting) variety: Winter Luxury. Check out the pretty lace skin on these squashes, which are coming along nicely.

Finally, the Garlic Fest was a huge success for us. We sold all our garlic (about 3,000 bulbs), which was totally crazy. Many many people were returning customers, which was great to see. Our fancy garlic braids and single garlics earned several ribbons. Of course we are planting even more this coming fall!

This week’s share
1 Zucchini
2 Cucumbers
1 Head Lettuce
1 box Tomatoes
1 bunch Garlic
1 bunch Onions
1 bunch Carrots or 1 bunch Beets
1 item from the Choice Shelf
Large ONLY: 1 extra Zucchini, 1 bunch Basil, 1 extra bunch Carrot/Beet


Our cucumbers being harvested. We never trellis our cucumbers due to intense cucumber beetle pressure, but boy do they do well!

Claudia’s Beet Salad
This recipe was created by our German WWOOFer from a few years ago.

1 bunch beets – half steamed & roughly chopped, half raw and grated
1 medium onion – sliced thin
1 avocado – chopped
Dressing: 2 Tbsp. Dijon mustard, 3 Tbsp. white wine vinegar, 1/2 cup olive oil, salt & pepper