This week in the garden
This past week we have happily had the chance to do lots of fall plantings. This included direct seeding (planting seeds directly into the soil vs. transplanting seedlings) things like radishes, spinach, salad mixes, and arugula. We have transplants going in as well including more spinach, lettuces and bok choy. We have some more kohlrabi on the way too.

This season my mom and I decided to try out a selection of flowers for fresh cut flower bouquets. We have an idea to offer them as part of the CSA for next season. Mom’s on vacation for the week so I decided to sneak into her garden and snip some flowers for our first trial bouquets – inspired by the market flower growers I see at the Farmers’ Market. The bouquets are sweet, compact and colourful. Most bouquets are spoken for this week but if you are keen on one, we have a few extra and will offer them again next week if there is interest. Stay tuned for a Cut Flower CSA in 2018!

This week’s share
1 bunch Carrots
1 box Elderberries
1 box Tomatoes
1 box Cucumbers
1 Garlic
1 box Summer Squash (Zucchini/Pattypan mix)
Choice: Cabbage, Heirloom Onions, Turnips or Shishito Peppers
Large Only: Potatoes and Beans


What to do with Elderberries?
I started growing elderberries for Mathias. They are very popular in Denmark – especially in the form of cordial syrups. The fragrant flowers are also used to infuse everything from cocktail mixes to skin care products. The Danes love it! My mother in law makes a fabulous jam from them. This year she recommended that I wait for my apples to be ready and make an apple-elderberry jam. She has great taste, so I shall do as she says! In the meantime, you use the not-so-sweet elderberries on yogourt, in smoothies or in pancakes. You may also wish to pluck them off and make a juice from them. The seeds tend to be bitter in jams and jellies so remove them by heating the berries and pressing them through a sieve. Elderberries are high in antioxidants and Vitamin C.