Update from the Garden
This past week has been again, devoted to garlic garlic garlic. This Saturday is the Carp Farmers’ Market Garlic Festival. Saturday from 8-3 and Sunday from 10-3. It is a huge festival attracting close to 30,000 visitors each year. I’ve been busy cleaning and braiding and labelling much of the garlic harvest.

We also managed to get some new transplants in the ground for the fall including a new round of lettuces. We have seeded turnips and radishes. The spinach is already up so we’re hoping to have enough for the CSA come fall time, seeing as it was already gone to seed when the CSA started. We are starting to see the winter squashes forming, although I feel like they are late. Melons are developing too!

This week’s share
1 bunch Rainbow Carrots
1 box Cucumbers
1 Garlic
1 bag Beans
Kale OR Chard
CHOICE: Onions, Shishito Peppers OR Beets
Large Shares ONLY: 1 extra bag of Beans AND 1 extra box Cucumbers

Shishito Peppers
These are a new crop for us this year. My buddies from Bent Plow Farm grew them last season and I tried them. They were SO delicious that I had to grow my own… and share them with everyone. There are a few in the CSA this week but they will be showing up more as they get into full production in the coming weeks.

Shishito Peppers are a  sweet East Asian pepper. Apparently 1 in 10 or 20 is spicy but I have not hit a hot one yet. Let me know if you find one!!

The best way I have to prepare these is to heat a pan with a bit of oil… add the peppers (whole) and saute. I like them to blacken slightly. Then, just add a little salt & a squirt of lime juice. They keep really well in a bag in the fridge.