It’s happening folks – the first CSA pick up for the 2017 season. Welcome to all our new members and welcome back to our returning CSA members! Making this CSA a positive experience for you is a priority of mine, so I truly hope you enjoy diving into your surprise basket each week. If you have questions or are looking for some meal ideas, please let me know at pick up, or you can also look back through some of our newsletters on the website.


Doing ok!

Overall it has indeed been a very wet start to the season but with our versatile growing methods, this has been to our benefit with excellent germination. In a dry year, we would be spending a lot of time irrigating to keep seeds moist as they germinate but this rain-heat-rain-heat cycle has been fantastic for growing so far. Our raised beds have been very helpful too with the recent downpours… collecting the excess rain and protecting our crops from drowning.

Even with infant in tow, this season has been our best start yet. Much of this early success has been thanks to David, who is shadowing me this season with the market garden, with hopes and plans to grow his own market garden in the near future.


David removing the Garlic Scapes

This week’s share of the harvest
1 bag Mesclun (Mixed Lettuces)
1 bunch Radishes
1 Bok Choy
1 bunch Garlic Scapes
1 bunch Kale
Cilantro OR Dill
Microgreens OR Peashoots
1 item from the Choice Shelf

Large Shares ONLY – 1 head Romaine Lettuce, 1 extra Bok Choy

What to know about Microgreens

The greens you have received are living and will continue to grow in the plant tray as long as they have light and moisture.


Microgreens are nutrient dense super baby greens. For those who paid attention in grade 10 biology, the plants are at their cotyledon phase or slightly after… just starting to produce their true leaves. Along with their nutrients, microgreens pack a lot of flavour, which makes them a welcome addition to sandwiches and eggs but they can also be thrown on a plate as a little side. You can even use them on burgers or sprinkle them on other salads like potato salad. They are nice for adding a little green, a little crunch and are pleasing to the eye – since as you know, we eat with our eyes first!

To use your microgreens, simply trim what you need to use and give them a quick rinse. Keep them on the kitchen counter, table or a window sill. Water the tray when it feels light. If you continue to water them once they are all cut, you may have some re-growth.