I hope everyone’s fall has been good so far and that you have all been taking advantage of the mild fall weather to get all the outdoor jobs done. At the farm, the garlic is finally all planted, although being this round and heavy, it took significantly longer than I hoped! We also chopped down all the asparagus stems so the patch is ready for the spring. It will still need some compost fertilizing. Generally all the tools and equipment (especially our irrigation equipment) is tucked away for the winter, waiting to be cleaned up and sharpened for next season. Baby is due in less than 3 weeks so nesting is about to commence.


We are doing one final order of heritage pork this season and are now taking pre-orders. Pork is very limited this time so if you are keen, get your order in ASAP. Below are the details:

What: Small scale, pastured heritage pork, raised by Allison and her young family at Rowantree Farms in Wanup, ON. The pigs consume certified non-GMO grain ration to supplement their foraging diet. All breeding and farrowing takes place at Rowantree Farms (as opposed to purchasing “stocker” pigs) so she is able to keep better control over the quality, breeding and treatment of her animals.

When is the pick up: The pork will be delivered to Hedgeview Farm on either December 10th or December 26th, depending on the availability at the abattoir.
Everyone will be notified about the date once we know and we can be flexible with the pick up to accommodate the holiday season.

Price: $150 for 15lb mixed box

Payment: cash, cheque or e-transfer (hedgeviewfarm@gmail.com) due at the pick up.

15lb Package:
2-3 packs Ready-to-Eat Smoked Ham Slices (vacuum sealed)
2 packs Bacon
3-4 packs Chops (Butt and Loin, 2 per pack)
2 packs Sausages (Mild Italian, 4 per pack)
1 Ham Roast (3-5lb size) **You can choose smoked, or not-smoked**

We will know the exact package distribution once the pork arrives, so there may be substitutions. We can discuss substitution preferences if necessary, before the pick up is made.

Ready to order? Click here to complete the online form.

Questions? E-mail Brenna at hedgeviewfarm@gmail.com

Thanks again to everyone for their continued support and enthusiasm for great, locally produced food!