Update from the Garden

Pick up #16 marks the end of our 2016 CSA program! I feel like this has been our best CSA year yet and I think that is partly due to my farming skills improving in general but especially due to this fantastic group of members. Never has it been so easy to administer the program and coordinate the 40+ families who join the CSA and I want to thank everyone for being so darn supportive, positive, open-minded and for remembering to come pick up your veggies each week. It’s not easy to commit to something like this for 16 weeks but every single member did, and that means so much to me and keeps me motivated to do a good job, so thank you!


Modelling a very long parsnip root – evidence of a dry, dry season!

I want to wish everyone a safe and rich Thanksgiving… rich in time together with others enjoying perhaps a meal or the fantastic fall weather and colours. Thanksgiving is one of my most comforting times of the year because the season is slowing changing… swapping the busyness and intensity of the summer for the calm, more introverted and restful winter months. I love seeing things come to a proper and natural close and this is what I’m seeing here on the farm this season.


Digging potatoes with our broadfork.

A few announcements…

Veggie CSA 2017 – sign up will begin in February 2017 and everyone from the 2016 season will receive an e-mail and will have first refusal for their CSA spot.

Christmas Heritage Pork Shares – our next order of pork will be ready in December, before Christmas. We will send out an e-mail so you can pre-order your share if you are interested. We expect shares to be somewhere around $100 each. It may even make a great gift!

Fall Egg CSA – For those who have been participating in our Summer Egg CSA, you will have first refusal for your egg share. Check your inbox for our online sign up form and if you wish to continue with eggs, try to complete it ASAP because we have a decent size waiting list!

Thank you again to everyone for making this my best season yet!

This week’s share
Tis the season for roots, roots, roots… and squash 🙂

1 large Squash (Pumpkin, Kuri, Spaghetti, or Kabocha)
1 bag Nicola Yellow Potatoes
1 bag Parsnip
1 bag Multicoloured Beets (Golden, Candy Cane and Red)
1 Smaller Squash (Acorn or Festival)
1 bunch Carrots
Large Shares only: Choose 2 items from the choice shelf. Options include, kale, chard, carrots, tomatillos and delicata squash.

How to use this week’s share
I just have to include a new recipe I’m using for pumpkin seeds because it’s exactly what I’ve always wanted on a pumpkin seed… or any winter squash seed!!


Sweet and Salty Pumpkin Seeds

Cut your squash and reserve the seeds. I like to fill a bowl with water to wash off the goop and then I lay them out on a tea towel to dry, so the oil will stick to them nicely. Once the seeds are good and dry, toss them in the following:

1-2 Tbsp. Olive Oil
1 Tbsp. Honey
pinch Cinnamon
pinch of Cumin
Salt and Pepper to taste

Bake at a preheated 350F oven for about 15 minutes. Watch the seeds and stir them up a bit half way. Bake them until they are golden or there’s no point. I often hear them popping when they are nearly ready. Enjoy!