NEW: Pastured Heritage Pork CSA – a 16 week subscription of local pork.

The delay to the season hasn’t been all bad – it has given us some extra time to work on our new farm shop!  In the shop we plan to carry more local products from farmers/producers with philosophies and practises that align with ours.

We are starting with pastured heritage pork and our farm’s own free-range eggs, but are in the process of arranging to carry more products or offer monthly orders that can be picked up on Wednesday nights (with the regular Veggie CSA pick up).

The aim of the Pork CSA is to make it convenient to incorporate this local product into your regular groceries each week through Community Supported Agriculture. This is yet another great way to be an active member in your farming community. Read more below. E-mail to begin your order.

Pastured Heritage Pork
from Pork of Yore, Douglas

The Product: We are bringing in lean, practical cuts of succulent pastured pork from Pork of Yore, where Tamworth/Berkshire pigs are raised outdoors. The pigs are grass-fed and free-range with liberty to root or lay around soaking up the sun’s rays. The pigs are raised in excellent humane conditions with no teeth clipping or tail cutting. Along with hay, the pigs are fed Pork of Yore’s own mix of wheat, barley, corn, and soy supplements, free of any artificial growth stimulants, animal by-products, or chemical additives. This is a healthy, safe, and absolutely delicious pork and we’re offering convenient cuts and packages. One taste and you will know why pastured heritage pork is becoming more and more sought after.

Schnitzel cut

Butterfly Chop

The Program: 

  • TWO 1lb packages of Pork of Yore cuts bi-weekly (16lbs total)
  • Pick up Wednesdays from 5pm – 6pm, from June 26th – October 9th

You will receive the following cuts in rotation

2lbs stewing pork chunks
2lbs shish-kebab chunks
3lbs minced pork
1lb Pork of Yore’s famous bacon
4lbs butterfly chops
2lbs schnitzel
2lbs ready to eat ham (can be served cold)

This works out to four 115g servings of pork per week, or one 4-person meal with pork each week (note: you receive your 2lb share bi-weekly). Cuts will be selected to compliment what veggies are in season and will help make summertime cooking convenient.

$190 for the season (16-weeks, with bi-weekly pick up)
** SAVING 25% off of Pork of Yore’s market prices **

(This translates to $12 per meal, or $3 per serving of prime heritage pastured pork like nothing you have tasted before.)

50% deposit ($95) required to reserve your share.
Remainder is due June 1st.

E-mail us at to begin your order!

Payments in the form of cash, cheque (made out to Brenna Jansen), or e-transfer (to