After a couple beautiful spring days I am finally feel compelled to write about what has been going on at the farm over the past few weeks. The forecast looks half decent and although the garden is still very much under snow, the plus degrees in the coming days look promising.

It's hard to believe that this scene will be lush with food in 3 months time.

It’s hard to believe that this scene will be lush with food in 3 months time.

We had started a little onion, leek and herb grow-op in the big farm house back in February. It was our taste of spring and something we were grasping to for a long time but now it’s looking like these cold hardy seedlings will be ready to move outside into our unheated seedling house to continue growing. We need to make some space indoors to start some more crops – kales, beets, kohlrabi…




The CSA is sold out for the third year in a row and I am excited to see yet again, so many returning members and I’m also looking forward to introducing several new members to the wonderful world of Community Supported Agriculture. In addition to our on farm CSA, we are offering Market Shares for pick up at the Carp Farmers’ Market. These are similar to, and in place of CSA shares. This is the CSA available to our customers in the Ottawa area.

Crop planning is fairly set now for the season although as always I expect to still make many decisions on the fly. Each year I try to collect as much information as possible to help my decision making for the coming season (i.e. When did flea beetles first appear on my arugula? How many pickings of beans did a certain variety get?) but there’s only so much info I have the time an energy to record when the high season hits. Each year however, I have a little more to go on and I am developing a real seasonal routine based on my observations.

Crop planning - compiling recorded info - choosing seeds... while entertaining Svea.

The scene of crop planning – compiling recorded info, choosing seeds, setting planting dates, … while keeping Svea entertained.

Mathias and I have been busy in the last week as we spontaneously decided to go ahead with one of our many to-do projects: renovate the milkhouse into a finished space/room/shop. For anyone who enjoys picking up chickens in the dark and rain, you will be thoroughly disappointed to know that we will be doing all future chicken pickups indoors… with lights!


Framing up…


New insulation in…

More updates to come….