Quick update from the garden

Unrelated to the garden, we are all recovering from hosting my sister’s wedding this past weekend. Instead of working in the garden, I got to bring friends and family on tours of the garden and it was great. That was when I noticed that the tomatoes are finally ripening! I hear from other gardeners that it is a late year, and I have certainly noticed this. Tomatoes were ripe already weeks earlier last year than this. The good news is that they are well on their way – so are the potatoes!

Aside from weddings and tours, we managed to bring in all of our garlic, which is now happily curing in the hay mow.

This summer I started a work share with my friend Emily. Emily comes to the farm each Thursday for several hours to help harvest your CSA shares, and in return receives a CSA share herself. This is another great component of Community Supported Agriculture! I am so grateful for Emily’s help each week that I’m thinking I may open up a 2nd “work-share” for next year in case anyone is interested/available Friday mornings.

Meet Emily! Emily helps harvest your CSA share each Thursday. Here she is washing your yummy onions...

Meet Emily! Emily takes her tasks very seriously as you can see! She helps harvest your CSA share each Thursday and here she is today washing your onions…

This week’s share of the harvest

1 bag Salad Mix
1 bunch Rainbow Carrots
1 box Beans
2 bulbs of Garlic
1 box Pattypan Squashes
1 box New Potatoes
1 bunch Onions
1 box Cucumbers
CHOICE: 1 box Tomatoes OR 1 box Peppers

How to use your share this week

A quick and healthy lunch is easy when you have so much fresh seasonal produce to choose from. Here is a simple lunch using my harvest day “rejected vegetables”, that only took 10-15 mins to prepare.
1. Simple Salad with tomatoes, thinly sliced onions, feta and a ready vinaigrette dressing.
2. Cucumber and shredded carrot salad with sour cream, salt, pepper, and chili flakes on top. Would be good with raisins/nuts in it.
3. Fried potatoes with onions and onion greens… cooked with butter, salt and pepper.

Typical harvest day lunch, full of organic goodness straight from the field!

Typical harvest day lunch, full of organic goodness straight from the field!

Garlic – the garlic you are receiving this week is not fully cured. You can therefore choose to use it up now, or hang it in a well ventilated area for about a week and it should keep for months!

New Potatoes – these young little things need not be peeled. Plus organic potatoes coming from certified organic seed means the skin is nothing put taste and nutrition. New potatoes do not take long to cook. When they are this fresh, I recommend boiling/steaming/BBQing them whole or if you have mini potatoes you can steam them and add them on salads. They also fry up sooo nicely.

Cucumbers – I read yesterday that cucumbers in the grocery store have an edible wax coating on them that keeps them crispy. This was comforting (and also upsetting I suppose) because I struggle to keep cucumbers firm and crispy after harvest and now I know why I can’t do it like the stores do! I did read though, that a great way to store them is in a ziplock bag in your crisper in the fridge, so perhaps you can try that this week.