We are so excited to be starting our CSA program for 2013!


Quick update from the garden:

It has been a fairly cool and wet spring – a big change compared to last year’s hot and dry spring and summer. So far things in the garden seem to be doing very well. It has been much easier this year getting seeds to germinate and we haven’t had anything rot in the soil from too much moisture yet, which is good. The mulch we are using is warming the soil well for our tomatoes and squash and they are already starting to bloom and develop!

Some new challenges this year include pressure from slugs and flea beetles and just damp weather in general, leaving plants soggy. We have been hand picking the slugs and have been trying to keep the flea beetle-sensitive plants covered under a thin netting. We could do with a bit more dry weather and less rain!

some veggies covered with netting

some veggies covered with netting

Here is your first share of the harvest this year:

1 bunch scallions
CHOICE: 1 head lettuce OR 1 bok choy
1 bunch rainbow chard
1 potted basil plant
1 bunch radishes
1 bunch Japanese salad turnips
fresh herbs: oregano or tarragon
CHOICE: spinach OR asian stir-fry greens OR mighty brassica mix
CHOICE: mild mix OR spicy Parisian mix OR arugula


this is what’s awaiting you in the cool room today

What to make with your share:

It is the time we’ve been waiting for all winter – fresh salads!
Use: Scallions, radishes, basil, fresh herbs, salad turnips, spinach, and any of the mixes. You can eat chard raw too.


Herbed crepes – just add some ingredients to your regular crepe mix.
Use: Fresh herbs, scallions. Inside use the spinach or chard in a cream sauce.

You may also wish to make some stir-fry and simply WILT your greens. Prepare your stir-fry and just add the greens at the end before serving.
Use: scallions, chard, fresh herbs, asian stir-fry greens, mighty brassica mix, radish tops (these need more cooking), bok choy

Did you know you can eat the greens from your radishes? Just toss your radishes with a bit of oil and salt. Roast them for about 18 minutes until tender crisp. Sautee the greens with a bit of butter. Combine the greens with the roasted radishes and drizzle with a bit of lemon juice.

Sauteed Radish