Wow it’s been a cold spring compared to last year. I am finding it hard to benchmark my progress since this is only my 3rd year with the market garden. First year was first year, second year brought some of the most unusual weather this area has ever seen and so this year I’m wondering if it’s a late start?

garden under snow

The garden is starting to show!

Either way, I have lots of small seedlings started already. We started the onions and leeks in February already and grew them in the yurt under lights and also in an insulated porch. We have tomatoes on the go as well as peppers, broccoli, various cabbages, brussels sprouts and now I have just put in a few trays of lettuces, kales and chard.

Seedlings in porch

Seedlings in an insulated porch. Pepper seedlings are in the foreground. We should have a good assortment of seedlings for sale for your own gardens on May long weekend at the farm’s annual Perennial Plant Sale.

Seedlings in Yurt

Various tomato seedlings chugging away in the yurt.

With our set up it takes a lot of effort to get the commercial perfect seedlings however, the plants always do outstandingly well once they hit the field. We have to use some artificial lights to accomodate everything. Our greenhouse is more like a giant cold frame right now, but one day I will see about getting it double paned with plastic and heated!

heated chambers in greenhouse

One of our enclosed tables in the seedling house. Good for cold hardy onion seedlings. We will have more of these, in a more efficient set up once the renovations are done this coming weekend.

The field as you can see is slowly losing the snow. So many changes to see out there this coming summer: irrigation system, permanent row beds, use of more mulching, denser plantings to help shade weeds, use of flame weeders to burn off weeds pre-crop-emergence. I will keep you all up to date with photos as these new tools and tricks are applied and I will most certainly report on their effectiveness!

simple new purchases

A few simple tools added to my arsenal: some harvesting knives, a beautiful swiss made seeder for small seeds, and a much better row marking rake to help keep things spaced properly. (The rake and seeder have handles by the way!)

We will be in the greenhouse all weekend getting more construction done, more seeds started…. all in between collecting and boiling sap of course! We will be having some our our Hedgeview Farm’s famous liquid gold for sale in the coming weeks. I will post a note when it’s ready to go.


A sample of our delicious syrup! These will be for sale next week. $13 for a 500ml bottles – message me at to order yours. These are thick and “Light” grade.