It is only January 4th, but I have already had several requests from new members to sign up for our 2013 Community Supported Agriculture program and so we’re now open for registration!

Information and 2013 pricing can be found under the tab “CSA Veggie Baskets 2013 at the top of the page”.

We have collected feedback from 2012 and interestingly, almost all vegetables appeared on both the favourite and least favourite list! Where does this leave me? Probably working harder to help everyone find new ways to prepare certain veggies. Even kale appeared on both lists, and so for those who put it as their least favourite, I have ordered “The Book of Kale”and intend to find ways to make you love it!!

book of kale

From a farmer’s perspective, I am in desperate need to become more efficient. We are currently working on developing an irrigation system, which after a drought year has become high on the priority list. We have also decided to move a section of the garden to a new field to help combat weeds. Our 2012 garden will be seeded for hay production for the next few years. I have also been looking up new seed varieties to try in 2013 – replacing some varieties from 2012 that were less favourable.

The majority of seeds I grow come from West Coast Seeds in BC.

The majority of seeds I grow come from West Coast Seeds in BC. So many to choose from!

Back to work now! If you have any questions, would like a brochure, or are ready to sign up, e-mail us at our new address: