Interesting past week we have had on the farm… between the CSA, the Carp Market, my 27th birthday and a Paleo Event on the farm with L.E.A.P. High Performance!

On Sunday we hosted an event with L.E.A.P. High Performance – an athlete focused gym in Pembroke that offers a variety of coaching, including a CrossFit program. From what I have experienced, L.E.A.P. is a fitness centre with a more holistic view on health and fitness and athletes’ goals. They aim to create a REAL community for its athletes including building relationships with the farmers, such as myself, who provide nutritious local food!  I personally learned a lot at the event, as we had Dr. Steve Olsen, a local chiropractor and nutritionist in Cobden, give a talk on nutrition and paleo diet in general.

Tour in the garden – admiring what is left from the season!


Paleo diet is something I only learned of a couple months ago but it seems to make a lot of sense. In simple terms our diet should as close as possible resemble the diets that we evolved to eat: meat, fruit, vegetables, and nuts. It is understood that when our diets changed to incorporate food groups that we did not evolve to eat, we started to develop a lot of man-made diseases and complications – especially inflammatory diseases and related disorders. It is a lot to get into in such a short blog post, but there is plenty of info available online if you would like to learn more about this approach to your diet. I may try to have a guest blog by a Paleo eater at some point as I find this approach very interesting and eye-opening…

Enjoying a talk about nutrition and paleo diet by Dr. Steven Olsen.

So on Sunday we had a little farm tour, followed by a nutrition talk, and topped off with a delicious Paleo meal, which consisted of beef (from Dobson’s Grassfed Beef), pork (from Pork of Yore), salad and squash from Hedgeview Farm, pumpkin soup and an amazing dessert involving cocoa and coconut milk. We held the event at the yurt and we hope this to be the first of many!

Cozy harvest dinner in the yurt.

On to CSA preparations this week – the final CSA of 2012 if you can believe it! Lots of goodies for Thanksgiving weekend!

We will have extra produce available for your Thanksgiving weekend/winter storage, so if you are interested in any of the following, please contact me before Thursday: Carrots, Beets, Acorn Squash, Delicata Squash, Festival Squash, Kuri Squash, and Swiss Chard.