It has been a very yurty week.

We’ve had a big crew on the farm working steady at getting the yurt connected with water, heat, and electricity. The plan was to connect the yurt to the existing well and also connect it to the existing outdoor furnace on the farm. Naturally the cold water pipe needs to be below the frost line, so Rick (a long time family friend and BIG help around the farm) and my father were very busy digging a 230ft trench, 6ft deep! Don’t worry, there was a backhoe involved, but still – what a pile of work. As of today, we have the cold water pipe in, as well as the hot water pipe. Central Boiler will be back to do our radiant heat hookups in a few days. If you notice the yard looks like it was flipped upside down, this is why!

230ft trench, running right beside the cool room!

We had a fairly hard frost Monday night, so this week is likely be the last field tomatoes we will see for a while. We harvested the final eggplant as well. I still find it amazing how plentiful September is. Before I started this business, I always made the false assumption that July and August were the most plentiful, but check out the colour and variety that September brings! Incomparable. With everything we still have in the garden, it’s hard to believe that Fall is here and plenty more frosty nights are right around the corner…

September’s Rainbow – another shot from last week’s CSA pick up.