Little busy this fine Tuesday morning as the abattoir is on its way to process the chickens. All 145 of them are looking good and quite healthy, so I’m happy about it. Shame for the rain – that always makes for a kind of messy day, but I’ll be glad when everyone gets their chickens 🙂

Chicken sale booth

This past week has involved a lot of garden cleanup. Not just squash vines and finished plants but also equipment (stakes, rocks, tools, etc.) and lots of bed prep for winter. I’ve been spending time in the asparagus patch, which was somewhat left on the back burner this summer during the drought. Due to necessary neglect, lots of weeds have infiltrated my 700-asparagus patch and it is in dire need of some attention. I will post some before and after shots of the bed prep later. Hoping this holds off the thistle infestation for next year….

I have been checking up on my rutabaga, which I have tried growing again worm-free. Unfortunately, even with a late planting and using a row cover, the rutabaga are still suffering from wormies. They aren’t quite ready yet, so I’ll give them another week or two and we can see where they are at. Rutabaga is a very tricky veggie to grow organically, so if anyone out there has any tips for me, please pass them along.

Other things are doing better in the garden these days. The carrots are finally maturing and getting to a nice size. We have a beautiful variety of bok choy in the wings as well as a new variety of kale. We hope for more leek in the CSA and some new varieties of winter squashes are on their way too!

Still lots to look forward to in the final 4 weeks of my season!