Progress on the yurt was made this past week. Mathias and I finished putting all the boards on the yurt part of the platform and spent Sunday sanding it and planing the wood for the cedar deck. Almost ready for our next round of building inspection and then… putting the yurt up! We’re hoping to pass inspection later this week and then build it over the long weekend.

The yurt deck’s latest progress

Farm tour at Rainbow Heritage Garden
I attended an interesting farmers’ tour at Rainbow Heritage Garden today. RHG is a certified organic market garden in Cobden with a large and successful CSA program. Zach showed us their amazing root cellar, gardens, and farm centre. It was exciting and motivating to hear about their learning process and plans! Weed management and irrigation were two huge issues I have been dealing with this year and I left with some new ideas and strategies that I hope to develop and apply for next year. I picked up just a few bulbs of a new garlic variety: Korean Purple. I will be planting this variety this fall to start a new crop of my own for the future CSA.

New things coming in the CSA baskets
Looks like this week we’ll be seeing some melons – mini watermelon and honeydew. I’m planning to include a few varieties of eggplant. We also have head lettuce back. We will also be seeing more colourful carrots as they slowly but surely mature!

I just want to comment on how neat it is to share, learn, and cooperate with so many local young farmers. I read recently in a farming magazine that my demographic of farmer (35 and under) makes up only 8% of all farmers in Ontario. That is a sad and scary figure but nonetheless those who comprise that 8% are so determined and creative and being new to the young farmers crowd, I feel so much support from this next generation of farmers.

After the tour today I feel motivated for next year’s plans already. It’s a great and exciting time to be a young farmer I think.

Excited young farmer triumphantly holding an oversized pattypan, knowing it will bring forth many relishes and chocolate cakes!