Hi everyone! It’s been a great week on the farm – relaxing and productive thanks to the regular rains and cooler weather. It has given us all a chance to catch up with some much needed yard work. We have the Children’s Garden – a children’s care centre in Pembroke – coming to the farm on Monday, so it’s a little extra motivation to get to the yard jobs that have been staring at us for the last while!

One big project we have been working on for months is getting our “yurt workshop” built. We thought building the platform would be quite straight forward but we ended up needing to have our flooring all milled, dried, and tongue and grooved… so needless to say things have gone slower than we expected. However, we now have our wagon of amazing lumber (thanks to Harry Hawkins!) and have spent the last days putting on our flooring. Almost there. Check it out:

Yurt deck, almost complete – just need to add the last few planks and trim the outside.

The lettuce plantings are doing amazing and Mathias and I enjoyed the first picking of the latest planting tonight in a salad. It was a treat to taste those little tender leaves again.

Picking some meslun for supper.

Marlo is growing is now 15lbs, for those who are keeping track!

Marlo doing what she does best.

As for chickens, gratefully no losses to report for the last several weeks. They are growing slower than planned but they are so clean, soft, and healthy, that I just can’t complain!

Chickens enjoying some fresh bedding in the barn.

We have more herbs on the way in the coming weeks: thyme, summer savoury, more parsley, and lemon balm. I also have perhaps some more bee balm for tea, since I have had a positive response for it.

Thyme, which will appear in your CSA baskets soon. Yum!

Tomorrow we will continue tidying in the yard and garden and then it will be CSA time. See you all Thursday!