The garden is rocking the rain!

On Saturday I took a stroll in the garden with a visiting CSA member and wow, could you ever see the new growth – just in the past week or two. It’s especially obvious on the winter squashes where there are these tender lighter green leaves growing everywhere. Many plants are finally starting to flow outward and produce flowers and fruit. We are seeing many spaghetti squash, festival squash, and acorn. The delicata plants are really taking off now as well. By the way, thanks Dan for the visit and delicious organic ruby stout! Filthy farmers do need the odd break 🙂

Delicata winter squash growing away

Spaghetti Squashers are on the go!

Another interesting discovery was a patch of beets, which I had planted 7 weeks ago (and given up on since the seeds refused to germinate in the heat and drought) are actually coming up! I really had abandoned the patch but have now had to go back and weed out the area. It really is amazing what this rain has done. I had actually forgotten what it was like to have the weather on your side. I will never take the rain for granted again.

Surprise beets! Update: the row is now weeded and the babies are growing.

I skipped on the Garlic Festival this past weekend due to drought related lower yields (saving everything for CSA!) so I spent the weekend weeding and planting some things for the fall. I’m excited to see how the fall plantings do since I never did them last year. We’ll see some of those cool weather spring time things, which will be a nice fresh contrast with the fall squashes, leek, and rutabaga, which are on their way.

These mini “Fairytale” eggplants are also on their way!

The chickens are also doing extremely well. This is my best batch yet. Very very low losses compared to other batches and the birds in general are much healthier and more active. Especially in the cooler weather, the birds are spending even more time outside and exploring the pasture area around the chicken barn. This means healthier, leaner more muscular birds… which means more flavour and meat. We like that and the chickens are much happier.

Chickens enjoying a little “pond” thanks to the rain!