The drought carries on… and so does the watering and weeding!
Despite being grateful for the sprinkle we had last week, I’m starting to really notice the heartbreaking effects of this drought. The winter squash plants are certainly not where I expected them to be at this point and I have noticed stunted growth over many of the crops. Due to hot weather we received early and for so long, I would say that after 2 plantings, we are experiencing crop failure for the cauliflower and broccoli. We do however have a third planting of broccoli that seems to be doing OK, so we’ll see if we don’t get some crowns yet.

To mitigate losses we are working extra long days to keep up with all the watering and weeding. As I am still in the start-up phase of this market garden business, I don’t quite have an irrigation system yet. What we do have here is a fantastic well, so we have been running hoses out to the field and thankfully there is enough pressure that we can water most of the beds. We also use large water troughs to fill watering cans for hand watering isolated areas as well as driving rain barrels full of water to the back to water our new fruit orchard area. It is quite the production and is very time consuming so naturally this will be a key focus area for investment next year.

One of our big field tubs of water. Next year we plant to invest in soaker hoses to begin developing an irrigation system.

On a more positive note…
I am seeing the eggplants producing as well as peppers. I have been out (with the help of Mathias’ father) twice a day picking the potato bugs off the eggplants so that we can see some fruits in a few weeks. Carrots are coming along and we continue to water them regularly to keep pushing them. We experienced some blossom end rot on the peppers but the peppers that are coming now seem to be intact. I am also seeing some new growth on our zucchini plants (after they were devastated by a cucumber beetle infestation this spring), so we should be seeing more summer squash at some point. As for the winter squash, Mathias’ parents were out in the rain last week removing weeds to help reduce the competition and we’re focussing on keeping them well watered this week!

Our rainy day weeding team! Thanks for all the hard work!!

Placing focus on our Community Supported Agriculture stakeholders.
Finding balance between our Thursday CSA shares and our Saturday market table is a challenge, but we are certainly placing our focus on our many CSA stakeholders. We brought a few things to market still last Saturday – things that were ripe and that we had extra of. Therefore we still had a good day at market with some of our colourful goodies!

Just 1 table this week instead of 2 but still very grateful for what we do have extra for market during this drought! Beautiful gladiolas compliments of Francie Hawkins – thanks again! Everyone loved them.

New addition to the farm…
Meet Marlo! Our new puppy. She’s a big help, especially with keeping spirits up during such a challenging year! She will be outside the cool room to greet our CSA stakeholders from here on in.

Our full time WWOOFer!