Summer’s goodies have arrived. Here’s your basket this week:
Psychedelic Beans – at least 3 varieties mixed
Heirloom Tomatoes – several varieties
New Potato Mix
Mixed Onions
Summer Squash Assortment – it’s your pick between different zucchini and pattypan squashes
Salad Mix – Spicy or Mild
Young beets with tops – remember to use the tops like you would spinach!

You probably already have your favourite ways to use up these veggies, so here’s a few of ours to throw in the mix…

Heirloom Tomato Bruschetta
Olive Oil (one CSA member swears by un-decanted olive oil and I may have to agree!)
Balsamic Vinegar
Salt & Pepper

Coarsely chop your tomatoes and finely chop the onions and minced/chopped garlic. Add or omit cilantro depending on your preferences. Mix it all together and slowly add some olive oil and balsamic vinegar, depending on how many tomatoes you used. Salt and pepper to taste. This goes great naturally on some toasted bread with some parmesan cheese sprinkled on top or spooned on top of crackers. I can highly recommend Greta’s Organic Crackers from Rema at Health Advantage.

Omi’s Potato Salad
Potatoes – Boiled and cooled
Egg – Hard Boiled
Pickles and Juice
Salt & Pepper

Slice fairly thin your boiled and cooled potatoes and put them in a good size bowl. Peel and chop up your hard boiled eggs. Use as many as you feel fits. Add some finely chopped onion. Add some finely chopped dill pickles. Take the juice from the pickle jar and pour over the salad. Start with a little and add more as you see fit. Mix it all up. The potatoes will absorb this delicious pickle juice so you may need to add a bit more before serving. Add pepper and salt if you feel you need more than what came with the pickle juice! Refrigerate for several hours to let the potatoes marinade. It’s even best made the day before. Omi serves this for us at Christmas, but I’m made it for our houseboat dinner on Tuesday evening.

Pickle juice potato salad – a great alternative to the common mayonnaise salad, especially in the summer. I made this one using leftover Russian Blue potatoes from last week. My Omi swears by Yukon Gold, which you will find in your basket this week.

Peter’s Bean Pasta Salad – a delicious creation by Mathias’ father on Wednesday night. Goes great with BBQ chicken or similar.
Pasta – cooked and slightly cooled
Creamy Goat’s Cheese
Crispy Bacon
Beans – cooked and cut into thirds.
Olives – whole
Onions – finely chopped
Dressing: oil, lemon juice, orange juice

Since this was a creation, you’ll need to figure out your own quantities… though I think it will be hard to go wrong. Cook up the pasta and let it cool slightly. Add all the other ingredients and stir it up. It is great served immediately when it is slightly wam or later on when it is cooled. The goat’s cheese is an amazing ingredient in this salad – it goes so well with everything. Use the onions, tomatoes, and beans from your basket. You can even add sliced BBQ chicken into the salad to make it a heartier main dish on its own.

An amazing pasta bean salad creation. Great combo with BBQ and we added a little swiss chard salad on the side with a simple lemon juice/oil dressing.

Potato and Kale Cakes
Onions with Greens

In a pot, bring your potatoes to a boil (since they are new potatoes, no need to peel!). When almost finished, add in the chopped kale and chopped onions with some of those greens. Boil another few minutes (this will depend on how small the potatoes are that you are using). When the potatoes are soft, drain off the water.
In a pan, fry up the bacon. Remove when crispy and wipe out the pan.
Once the pot is drained of the water, mash up the potato, onion, kale mixture until just a few lumps remain.  Add the crispy bacon pieces. Then using your hands, make up the patties. Fry in the buttered pan, cooking them approximately 6 minutes each, flipping once. Serve with apple sauce, sour cream or kefir. You can also reserve some of those onion greens and add them to the sour cream or kefir.

compliments of Martha Stewart…

Happy eating! Let me know if you would like some more ideas on how to use up your baskets – I have plenty!!