It is pouring rain as I write and I cannot express how important this is for the farmers and your food! To say the rain is nice is an understatement… it’s like my face hurts I’m smiling so hard right now! I had been out in the garden this past week attempting to water but the soil was so dry the water was running off the dust. Weeding has been a real challenge – especially with the carrots. The seedlings are quite delicate and fine and so this is the perfect rain to soften the soil around the little guys… can you guess what I’ll be doing tomorrow morning?? It’s a million dollar rain for me and probably every farmer in Renfrew County.

It was a real chicken week indeed. My second batch of chicks arrived. Our lovely Danish guest Aljosa assisted in greeting the babies and helping them get acquainted with their new surroundings. When chicks arrive, each little fluff ball needs to have its beak dipped in water and then food. Believe it or not, if you don’t do this there is a good chance they will never find it. The chicks are doing great so far and the warm weather sure helps keep them comfortable.

Monday July 2nd was also the date our first batch of chickens met their fate. (check out that rhyme… if you have the time) I was happily up on Canada Day Monday by 6am ready to go with the processors who came to the farm for 7am. We are fortunate to have a portable abattoir here in the valley. This means that we can avoid imposing the stress of transportation on our chickens and wow, is it every convenient! We had our chicken pick up Monday night and although the batch was a little on the smaller side for farm chickens, the birds looked great and were still very healthy in the end with very little leg and heart problems.

Saturday was a successful second day at market indeed! It’s the first day that I completely sold out of every last green at my table. I would love to bring more but I really try to prioritise my CSA pick up on Thursdays. I guess I’ll be planting loads more next year! Check out our pretty booth from the Carp Market on Saturday June 30th.

Have a great week everyone and thank the skies for the rain!